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Dr. Cheryl Lentz is offering you an exclusive opportunity to work directly with her to publish your own best-selling book in 2019!

The Refractive Thinker® Press is known for our success in producing and marketing best-selling anthology books for doctoral scholars. With 16 awards to our credit, this year we’re taking it to the next level: helping individual authors publish their own books with our imprint, Pensiero Press following this formula. We have a powerful process and team in place, and people – like you – who have important messages that the world needs to hear. We want to help share your message with the world!

When working with the Pensiero Press, you receive:

  • Dr. Cheryl’s personalized support, coaching, and accountability to get your manuscript written, reviewed, and the book designed
  • Pensiero Press team’s powerful project management to bring to your book forward in print and Kindle versions (as a best-selling book!)
  • Surefire marketing strategies and support to showcase your book across media for huge reach
  • Have your manuscript written within 90 days and edited and published in the following 60-90 days!  (If you want to have a longer time period to develop your manuscript, we can offer that to you if you are looking to publish in 2020.)

This author opportunity is currently open to: ~6 experts who want to publish in 2019

If you are interested, take these next steps today:

1. Provide us with: Name:______________________________________(Print)

Signature: Name ______________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________ Email Address:_______________________________

  1. Write a brief description of your book and what you hope your readers will gain from reading it!
  2. Why you are interested in publishing your book:
  3. Which Package You are most interested in and if selected: _________________________

Dr. Cheryl will review your answers and then schedule a time to talk with you.  Together we will review your book idea, the package options, and, if we have a fit, you will move forward with securing an author opportunity . . . to publish your book in 2019!

Join an Award Winning Team!

My best to your success!

Dr. Cheryl Lentz
The Academic Entrepreneur
CEO of Pensiero Press

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